Healthcare Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Philosophy Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: October 26, 2013
To start with, the problems that arise in delivery of a baby where there are many problems encountered with the mother being a high risk case with any existing severe medical conditions posing pregnancy a high risk one or instances where the infant is being diagnosed to have a very fatal condition and its survival is not possible, in which ethically it is best to abort the baby, but the mother wants to take the risk which is indeed unethical. In such cases the patient should be counseled and made aware of the possible problems that has to be faced in the future.

With the new reproductive technologies being brought in, there are a number of people opting for these technologies even though in some cases where it is known that it would not be a successful one. Ethically, undue usage of medical resources knowing the fact that the outcome is not going to give any positive result is against the ethical rules, because resources are to be used at a very limited pace, keeping in mind their availability. So the usage of resources are correlated with the issues where the risks are being taken which are unethical. It holds good in medical research where there are many times when the resources are unnecessarily wasted every now and then until they derive at what was intended to be derived without keeping in mind the harm caused, but just thinking about the beneficial outcome.

The physician or a practicing health care official have many responsibilities and ethical means to be followed in his/her daily practice or career. Maintaining the confidentiality of the patient, where the patient would not want anybody other than the doctor has to be maintained...
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