historical foundations

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1. Identify a value issue or conflict in contemporary education and examine it from a (selected) philosophical perspective. In contemporary education, children work together and not individually. It is more of the teacher being a guide and not a facilitator, giving children the freedom to make up their own conclusions on reality and their values.Whereas, from a philosophical perspective (essentialism) as a teacher-centered philosophy it is the teacher’s responsibility to keep order in the classroom. An issue concerning contemporary education is that it is persuaded by the fads of the time that is why curriculum in schools also changes to adapt the trends especially in science and technology whereas in philosophical perspective the education here focuses on the basics that students need to know to be productive members of society.

2. Examine the concept of change from a (selected) perspective. What are the educational implications of such view of change?

3. Examine the impact of (selected) philosophy on education as we know it today. Educational essentialism is an educational philosophy whose adherents believe that children should learn the traditional basic subjects thoroughly and rigorously. In this philosophical school of thought, the aim is to instill students with the “essentials” of academic knowledge, enacting a back-to-basics approach. Essentialism ensures that the accumulated wisdom of our civilization as taught in the traditional academic disciplines is passed on from teacher to student. One positive impact of essentialism is the stability of the education. Because essentialism is relatively conservative and focuses on disciplines which are relatively stable, it is a rather consistent form of education. The same disciplines are taught consistently and in a progressive manner.

4. What impact, if any, has the role of religion in education...
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