Holy Technology, Batman

Topics: Robotics, Mobile phone, Robot Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Professor Dobyns
English 60 – 11775
5 November 2012
Holy Technology, Batman!
What would it be like to have an accommodating robot as a personal assistant? For many years, people have feared the presence of robots and others have dwelled on how much easier life would be if there was a robot that could do it all. Some believe that such advance in technology could only result in negative effects on society, while others would stand by their argument that having robots assist in everyday life would be absolutely amazing. Imagine a world where robots were our everyday assistants and companions. Imagine not having to worry about cleaning, running errands, and other basic tasks because a multipurpose robot exists to take care of them. This absolutely incredible world is what the movie iRobot, set in the year 2035, depicts in its entirety. iRobot illustrates a society where the goal is to place a robot in every home to be used as domestic assistant. Nevertheless, it is unmistakable that humans become too comfortable with robots that they come to be prisoners to the robotic technology.

The movie iRobot begins by insinuating that robots are excellent and useful objects that can make the simple daily tasks easier for humans. Tasks such as: gardening, cooking, and cleaning. In the movie, there was a robot that retrieved asthma medication for a woman who was having an asthma attack and forgot her mediation at home. This suggests that robots can potentially save human lives. Similar to present day technology, one can access the internet to research certain symptoms to determine in they are in need to visit the doctor. Other technologies such as a mammogram machine that detects breast cancer, and if caught in time can save a life. Just as a smaller piece of technology like a cell phone can be used to spare a humans life with one call. Furthermore, people use technology to accomplish easy tasks. For example: microwaves, ovens, and toasters, vacuums, fans, TV’s, and...
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