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“Adam bol!” is the moral principle of...Abay. “Emanation” means: Out flowing of overfilled being «History is the politics which is taking place at the moment», - concluded... Grocius
A characteristic feature of the Philosophy of the Renaissance is: Antropocentrism
A teaching which enhanced the emergence of philosophy in Islamic countries: Mutasilism
A thinker of the Renaissance times, the other of the “The Souvereign”»: Nocolo Machiavelli
A thinker who formulated 5 proofs of existence of God: Thomas Aquinas
According to Aristotle, the best form of state is:Aristocracy
According to Aristotle, what is the best form of friendship based upon? Goodness
According to Augustine spiritual substance: has no spatial qualities
According to Augustine, time is always tending toward: Non-being
According to Hegel, spirit can be hindered by: Nature
According to Hegel, the category of original history is defined by: The historian’s participation in the times he writes about
According to Hegel, The first social consciousness of freedom was realized by: The Greeks
According to Hegel, the four types of reflective history are: Universal, pragmatic, critical, and specialized
According to Hegel, which of the following is the prerequisite for the emergence of philosophy? Culture in general According to Hegel, world history should be concerned only with: People who form States
According to Kierkegaard, Socrates defined sin as which of the following: ignorance
According to Kierkegaard, when considered rationally, Christianity's teachings are: absurd
According to Locke, a substance is determined by its level of: Ontological independence
According to Nietzsche, what is music? An immediate copy of the will.
According to Socrates, what should be tested in a discussion besides the truth? The speakers
According to St. Augustine before the soul enters the body at birth, where is it? Augustine does not say
According to the interpretation of the Middle Ages, Truth and Perfection translated: in God;
An epistemic theory of truth based on the idea that the mind engages in a certain kind of activity: "verifying" a proposition. verificationism
An important tradition borrowed by Al-Farabi from ancient philosophy is called: Peripateticism
At the turn of what century classical period of science enters to the new nonclassical phase?in the end of XIX- the beginning of XX cent.
Augustine holds that God’s creation of the universe takes place: Eternally
Augustine’s idea of memory is inspired by: Plato
Call a form of personification (applying human or animal qualities to inanimate objects) and similar to prosopopoeia (adopting the persona of another person), which is the attribution of human characteristics and qualities to non-human beings, objects, or natural phenomena? anthropomorphism
Call fundamental principles of hinduism. ahimsa (non-violence), the primacy of the Guru, the Divine Word of Aum and the power of mantras, love of Truth
Call main principle of Taoism. Wuwei ("non-action").
Call Taoism's central books? Tao TeChing,
Call the Arabian philosophers. Ibn-Cina, al-Faraby, al-Gazaly
Call the belief in one or more gods or goddesses? theism
Call the belief that properties, usually called Universals, exist independently of the things that manifest them? realism
Call the Enlightenment philosophers. Montesquieu, J. J. Rousseau, Voltaire
Call the form of theism that holds that god contains, but is not identical to, the Universe. So the universe is part of god? panentheism
Call the Gilson’s book. "Reason and Revelation in the Middle Ages"
Call the most famous pupil of Socrates? Plato
Call the most important works of Aristotle. Physics, Metaphysics, (Nicomachean) Ethics, Politics, De Anima (On the Soul), Poetics,
Call the oldest major world religion. Hinduism
Call the philosopher which is belonged to structuralism. Ferdinand de Saussure
Call the philosophers of modern period. R. Barthes, M. Foucault, J. Derrida
Call the philosophical notion according which any system of...
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