How do we know anything?

Topics: Philosophy, Idea, Reality Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: September 23, 2013
How Do We Know Anything?
Solipsism is the main case and point in Nagel’s chapter on “How do we know anything?” Solipsism can be defined as a radical form of idealism subject to each person. One who follows the ideals of solipsism would deny the physical existence of anything, but the mind itself. The universe as we know it may only exist in a dream-like state of our own mind. Welcome to the matrix, where all your perceptions are only those of a reality simulated in your own mind. We can choose between the red pill, or the blue pill on this argument. I choose the red pill. I choose to dig deeper into this argument and I have to agree with Nagel in that I do not follow this theory. If questioned whether or not I believe that the air I breathe, the water I drink to survive could only be perceptions of my own mind? There is only one possible answer, and it is simply No! The issue I most have with this philosophy is that its logic is indisputable. A reductio ad absurdum at its finest. The argument goes in a circle and there is no way to convince a solipsist that there are completely illogical. A true solipsist believes I am only a figment of their imagination! All solipsists are living in the ignorant bliss of their blue pill choosing. How can you argue with that? I believe there is only one true argument and that is from my experience, life has ups and downs, pain and pleasures, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I can be certain that I do in fact exist, and if I consider a solipsism point of view it may be that everything else is in the world is only a product of my own mind. But, then why do I have less than dreamy experiences? Why do I feel pain? Or in this case, why am I actually typing this analysis? Why do I even go to school? When I have dreams there are always further from this reality. My dreams consist of lying out on a beach while sipping mimosas or having an abundance of money and never having to work a day to earn it. Better yet, money wouldn’t exist! I...
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