How Has Ethics Changed Technology??

Topics: Technology, 20th century, Virtue Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Has Technology Changed Ethics?
The ethical actions of a person can be described in general terms as those actions which are performed within the boundaries of what is regarded as “good”. So it relates to the question of what is good or bad in terms of human actions. So in this essay, I am going to explain my side of the conversation, and tell one what I think about this topic. This essay is going to be split into two topics: the good and the bad effects on children. So, what are we waiting for; let’s begin!! Let’s start off with the good changes that technology has made to ethics. Sometimes I think technology changes ethics, but not directly. Instead, technology creates changes in a culture which results in changes to that cultures ethics. For example, if I walked around making discouraging remarks about other nationalities, most (not all, but most) people would think me as a racist. If we were in the early 20th century, that wouldn’t that wouldn't be the case. I think that is largely due to the fact that travel and communications technology has made people more able to meet people from other nationalities and see that they are people too. In this case technology has rendered a formerly acceptable action, unacceptable; which is definitely a good thing. Now, let’s go to the bad changes that technology has made to ethics. Sometimes, one has to admit that technological changes to society aren’t always the best ones. One of the main issues: privacy of information kept or stored on the computer. We are currently living in the so-called information age which can be described as an era were economic activities are mainly information based. This is due to the development and use of technology. So in this “information age”, one’s privacy can also be very well protected with the technological advancements, and it can also be hacked into with our vast knowledge of technology. If one misuses technology in a bad way, it is called unethical. So technology prompts people to...
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