How Science and Technology Is Going to Change the Future.

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how the science and technology is going to change the future !

Science and technology is a systematic representation which helps to build or organize one's knowledge and to acquire intelligence with some experiments and explanations. The words "science and technology" are derived from the latin and greek words 'SCIENTIA and TECHNOLOGIA'. This topic is explained with some details below. History of Science and technology

The history of science and technology is indentified as a field of history which examines how HUMANITY understands the natural world which is called science and their ability to manipulate it which is termed as technology. Before the word scientist was invented in 1833 , scientists were known as Natural Philosophers. Greatest achievements and inventions

The first and foremost invention of mankind is nothing but a "WHEEL" which further passed down in the inventions of screws , levers etc. By the mid 20th century humans had achieved a mastery in technology by making mankind sufficient to leave the atmosphere of the earth and explore space , another important invention is satellite. The first artificial satellite SPUTNIK-1 was built by SOVIET UNION which was launched on 4th OCT 1957 after revolving around the earth 1440 times which is equal to 60 million miles for 3 months burnt to ground on 4th JAN 1988 which is one of the greatest achievement in human history. Harzadous Developments

The growth and development of the harzadous side of science and technology began at the start of the world wars , the invention of ZEPPELIN, a type of rigid airship and other warcrafts such as TANKS, SUBMARINES and BATTLESHIPS caused unestimatable loss to humanity around the world . To tackle the enemies new research and inventions were brought in which resultd in the harzadous poison 'POLLUTION' that caused damage to our earth and us at present. Welcome to the FUTURE !!!

Technology developments tends to make...
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