Human and Technology

Topics: Human, Technology, Science Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: February 22, 2012
The day of an human being starts using all the technological inventions created by man.He uses tooth brush to brush his teeth and uses geysers to boil the water.All the biggest technological inventions created by man ---- the aeroplane , the automobile , the computer says little about his inteligence , but speaks volumes of his laziness. Once said Mark Kennedy------ So, goodaternoon to one and all present here I Abhinav sharma standing here to present my views on the topic ---- " HUMANS ARE THE SLAVES OF TECHNOLOGY ." in the favour of the motion. Technology can be defined as a body of knowledge used to create tools , develop skills and extract or collect materials. Technology itself is not being generated but a few creative minds who are innovative in nature creates technology or useful knowledge. We could see problem induced as a majority of human becoming slaves to a minority who creates technology for a particular purpose say to solve a problem , effectively with the support of technology and the whole overuse of technology without knowing the purpose for which it is being developed we human become slaves to the technology. Oh! my dear friends ----- I want to tell that in the past years our grandfathers used to do calculations using their minds but today we use calculators to do calculations and when we are told to narrate tables in the class we see at the walls of the class as we use calculators for every calculations and it has made us slave in the hands of technology..... Technology is one of the principal driving forces that made an imprint on one's life since life started ; Harrapan civilisation could be sited as the best example of the wise use of technology in the yester years . It is still transforming our lives and shaping our future at rates unprecedented in history with profound implications which we can't even begin to see or understand. The impact of technology on these elements can change how safe , healthy and happy people feel. When their...
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