Human nature and Morality

Topics: Writing, Philosophy, Theory Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: December 6, 2013
Writing Assignment #2
Due October 28
As with the previous assignment, you have several options from which you can develop your topic: Critical Analysis: Write a Critical Analysis paper (described in the instructions for Writing Assignment #1) of some claim from philosophers we’ve read after the Minitest. Epicureanism Today or Confucius Today or Stoicism Today: See below. Philosophical Poetry: Analyze and critique one of Laozi’s poems. See below.

 Epicureanism Today or Confucius Today or Stoicism Today  Instructions: Epicurus, Confucius, and the Stoics (Seneca and Epictetus) all developed philosophical theories with enduring appeal. Pick one of these three theories, and write an essay (1000-1300 words) describing some important theme from that philosopher’s work, and how it applies to us today. (Examples: Epicurus on friendship; Epicurus on consumerism, advertising, and the simple life; Stoic advice for dealing with hardship; Stoic theories about emotion; Confucius on Goodness and ritual; Confucius’ ideas about teaching and learning; Confucius on leadership; Confucian ethics and virtue.) How can a person use these ideas in contemporary life? What is right about these philosophers’ ideas? What are the limitations? Details: Unlike the Critical Analysis assignment, this assignment should be written as a formal essay, with proper formatting, paragraphs, etc. In your paper, you should include: a) A TITLE, expressing your topic with personality!

b) An introductory paragraph, including your THESIS—a statement of your position, which you will defend through the course of the paper. c) A detailed description of some important and interesting theme from the theory you pick. Describe the ideas clearly and concisely in your own words. Explain how this topic or theme fits into the philosopher’s overall philosophical perspective. Imagine that you are explaining the theory to your mother or a non-philosophical friend, and you are trying to convey it in a...
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