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Nombre articulo:“Management Compensation Systems in MNCs and Domestic Firms” Nombre autor: Le, H (Le, Hang); Brewster, C (Brewster, Chris); Demirbag, M (Demirbag, Mehmet); Wood, G (Wood, Geoffrey). This is a study of the relationship between institutional settings and managerial compensation systems, based on extensive cross-national survey evidence. We compare differences in practices between Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and domestic firms across a range of capitalist archetypes. We find that MNCs are more likely to promote compensation systems that incentivise managers in line with organisational performance compared to domestic firms. Our findings also reveal persistent diversity reflecting firm type and institutional setting. We find that the gap between MNCs and domestic firms in terms of the usage of incentive-related compensation is less pronounced in Liberal Market Economies than in other settings. This suggests that it is a combination of being an MNC and the specific home locale that moulds approaches to managerial compensation. This reflects considerable hybridisation of practices within and between settings. CASE 2: PROMOTION OF MR. RITESH MASHROO

Mr. Ritesh Mashroo was Sénior Sales Manager working in Indian Lever Limited, a most reputed FMCG company for a decade. He was an excellent worker and had always achieved beyond the target assigned by his superior. In March 2001 when he returned from his official tour of 15 days, he carne to know from his colleagues that the promotion list has been displayed and his ñame does not appear in that list. On hearing this, he felt annoyed, humiliated and in his gush of anger entered the office of Mr. Mithun Chatterjee, General Manager (Marketing) and began to discuss: Mr. Mashroo:Why I have not been promoted, Sir? Since last year you are assuring me to continué working hard and that I would be promoted this year. This year too, you have not...
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