Impact of Climate Change on Automotive Business

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Automotive industry, Greenhouse gas Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: May 11, 2008

Climate change has been one of the most discussed issues in these modern days. It is prove on many researches that the increase in man-made green house gas emission can significantly affect the climate in the world, on every part of the globe. In the last few years, climate change has become the most researched subject in science. The reason is that because climate change can affect significantly to the earth and it has to be taken care of. In a business world, particularly in Automotive Industry, climate change is also one of the must discussed subject, and because of automobile is one of the factors that produce the most CO2 (Carbon dioxide), it become one issue that force automotive industry to change their product to reduce the amount of CO2 emission.

Climate change in automotive industry represent both threat and opportunity in the business. It gives opportunity for the car makers to develop a new technology that is more environmental friendly, which can reduce the amount of green house gas emission. It also gives the carmakers to create a more energy efficient in their operations, which can cut the unnecessary production costs. Other opportunity is the fact that they will use this global concern to further research and investigate the use of creating a new energy source, and helping reducing the pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels.

However, for automotive industry, climate change does not only provide opportunities but also threat to the business. It is a threat because about 12 percent of all manmade green house gas emission today is in cars and trucks of all makes on the road today, which means that the car produced in the last 20 decades are producing enormous number of Green House Gas and it is a threat for car maker company because these are their products and if the concern about the climate change, who would want to purchase a car that produce too much Green House Gas emission that will...

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