Impacts of Technological Impacts in the Academic Performance of the Students

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Background of the Study
In the years when computers and cell phones are not yet invented, students always rely on books and visit library facilities just to have the information needed for their assignments and lessons that have to be studied. They spend several hours in searching and reading because they lack resource materials helpful for their study. By the time when modern technologies take run in our society, different effects happened to students’ way of studying. It is now an important thing to them because these technologies help them learn easier but loaded with substantive information. Technology has recently attracted a significant amount of attention. Technologies give easier jobs for everyone. It makes sense whenever there are things to be done. For students, it is important to their studies because it gives unlimited information helpful for their learning development. In this modern living, many of them depend their life by just surfing the net to get information, not knowing the consequences that may follow after using it. According to the SIIA releasing of results of the 2011 Vision K-20 Survey, its fourth annual national survey to measure U.S. educational institutions’ self-reported progress toward embracing technology has set seven goals to prepare the students for life in the 21st century. They envision having a good quality of education essential to the learning process of the students. This study aimed to determine the impacts of technological gadgets in the learning development of the students. The researchers decided to make a research about its effects, and how these technologies contribute for their learning development.

Statement of the Problem
The study intended to ascertain the impacts of technological gadgets in the learning development of the students of UBLC. Specifically, the study aimed to answer the following questions: 1. What are the technological gadgets used by the students for academic purposes? 2. What are the impacts of these technological gadgets in the learning development of the students? 3. Why should students use technological gadgets?

Objectives of the Study
The goal of this study “Impacts of Technological Gadgets in the Learning Development of the UBLC students” are as follows: 1. To determine the importance of technological gadgets in the learning development of the students. 2. To know the number of students who are dependent in using technological gadgets. 3. To cite reasons why students should use technological gadgets in school.

Significance of the Study
Since technological gadgets have something to do with the internet, little is given in studying the effects behind in using this. This study aimed to maximize the knowledge of the readers regarding the effects of using technological gadgets in developing one’s mind. Among those who will benefit from this study are the following. The students. They will foresee other possible effects of using technological gadgets in contributing to their full intellectual development. The readers. They will benefit from this, and broaden their knowledge on how to use technologies properly. Web owners. They will be aware of what information they will be putting in the internet. The parents. They will be informed about the good and bad effects of technological gadgets in the academic conditions of their children. They can now observe and set limitations to their children to refrain them from being addicted and influenced by these technological gadgets. The school. They will meet the personalized learning needs of the students and improve their teaching techniques. The research researchers. They will be more specialized in their chosen topic and will be more perceptive through this study.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study
This study focused on the impacts of technological gadgets in the learning development of the students of University of Batangas. The study was designed to know...

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