Impacts of Technology Dependency on the Academic Performance of Usls Students

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Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences. - Freeman Dyson Technology plays an important role in every sphere of life. It has certainly changed the way we live in different aspects of life and redefined living. Several sectors like medicine, warfare, transportation and navigation, business, economy, and even in education particularly in science and mathematics. Manual tasks can be automated, complex and critical processes can be carried out with ease and efficiency with the help of modern technology. Each fields have undergone a major change and sure, they have changed for the better.

High technology these days have revolutionized the field of education. The importance of technology in schools cannot be ignored. Learners are more exposed to the daily information that comes from all parts of the globe. It has become easier for the teachers to render knowledge and for the students to grasp it.

As the young generations live with this advancement in technology, different aspects of life had changed. This include the negative impacts of this technology. Students spend a large amount of time engaging in technologies for entertainment, such as playing Gameboy, watching DVDs, or listening to music players. They tend to be less involved in academic life. Positive impacts will be an important part of this study, for which technology used for academic engagement. A student may use computers, electronic mails, or a cellular phone for social purposes, however, those same technologies will also be use for communication on academic matters, thereby increasing educational involvement.

According to Maxima J. Acelajado, (Ph.D., De La Salle University), “It is a fact that with the growing sophistication of people’s lifestyle, students have been unconsciously demanding for materials and gadgets. The contemporary socio-cultural milieu has molded the today’s young generation into an environment of false needs so that an individual’s capacity to grasp numerous cognitive domains seems to have diminished due to his dependence on technological devices. Although it cannot be denied that the use of technological devices facilitates learning, educators should be able to teach prudent use of such devices.” In this days, computer education is a part of school and college curricula. We live in a technology-age and hence, it is extremely important for us to introduce ourselves to the new inventions and discoveries that have made a difference to our daily life. As these becomes more prevalent and readily accessible, educational institutes generally expect students to use technology while at school and at home. This study will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the technology in academic development of the student. Thus, in response to this, the researchers has decided to conduct a survey on the impacts of technology dependency on academic performance of the students of University of Saint La Salle-Bacolod in different school departments. The researchers have prepared a comprehensive questionnaire to facilitate the students’ evaluation of specific areas of concern. The data gathered from this survey will be subject to close examination, evaluation and recommendation.

Statement of the Problem
The primary purpose of this study is to determine the impacts of technology use on the academic development of the students, and to discuss the positive and negative effects of the technological dependency on the students.

Specifically, the study aims to answer the following questions:
1. to what purpose does the student use technology?
2. to which extent were these technology impacts students’ educational involvement and development? 3. what are the significant differences exist if any, in the achievement of the different abilities? 4. what are the student’s insights about the...
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