Impaired Driving

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Impaired Driving

The technological advances in self-driving car systems will likely promote reductions of impaired driving and overall accidents. The idea of driverless car may seem to be in the distant future, but autonomous technology is in fact improving and some of these features are already apparent in some current vehicles we see on the road today. This kind of technology has the power to no only improve fuel economy, reduce parking needs, add mobility to those who are unable to drive, but also reduce the amount of impaired drivers on the road that will result in lesser car accidents.

The Google self-driving car is one of those prototype vehicles that is currently on the read tested on safety and help the reduction of impaired drivers. Human drivers are highly unpredictable and unstable at times during driving while autonomous technologic drivers can eliminate these errors and therefore promote higher overall levels of safety. Although this self-driving car is only a prototype, there has been remarkable progress and these kind of products will soon be commercialized to the public in the very near future.

Since the implementing the Google car on the road, Google has conducted two full monthly reports on accidents and impaired driving. In their second report, there have been a total of 11 accidents that have been involved with the self-driving car, and each of those accidents the driverless vehicle was at zero fault. The man accidents were mainly the Google car being rear ending by the distracted driver; usually minimal damage. Google has reported that in their six years on the project, there has been a total of 14 minor car accidents that involves more than 1.8 million miles of autonomous and manual driving combined. This evidence would indicated that the greatest challenge of autonomous driving is not technology systems of self driving cars, but rather the implementation for the reduction of human drivers.

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