In This Period of Rapid Technological Change, Planning for Strategic Adaptation Is an Important Factor in Individual Success. Do You Agree?

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Internet technology is changing the way people work and communicate. Time-saving and convenience are two main advantages of using modern technology to conduct business, find information and connect with family, friends and colleagues. Technology is leading social change at a rapid pace, and those without technological skills or access to modern information technology risk being left behind. Question

In this period of rapid technological change, planning for strategic adaptation is an important factor in individual success. Do you agree?


The intent of this essay is to argue that in this period of rapid technology change, planning for strategic adaptation is not only an important factor in individual success but also for organizational success. In this research, the relationship between strategic adaptation and future success is presented to demonstrate the importance of planning for tactical adjustment to social change for organizational and individual achievements. Based on the secondary research, academic evidence and expert’s opinions is selected, evaluated and organized into two key areas: the individual success based on leading role of organization and the challenge of individual. As a result, the research showed the significant role of organization on planning strategic adaptation which leads to an individual success. Based on these findings, the argument is advanced that updating and implicating globalization and technological achievement will lead to the success of organizations and individuals in the future.

In the last decade, the remarkable progress of the technology revolution, particularly in a rapidly changing information technology environment has challenged local and international communication perceptions. Moreover, keeping abreast of the times is putting a significant pressure on both individuals and organizations. In this sense, the term, individual success is defined by each individual differently based on what they consider is important to themselves, which can be material success such as wealth or it can mean spiritual or even emotional success such as leading a happy and healthy life or having a lot of financial success. The term, planning for strategic adaptation, means road map or plan that if executed with focus, can lead to success. Adaptation is important in the survival of any species because being able to adapt is essential to the survival in this new millennium rapid change in technology. Nevertheless, it is hard for individuals to achieve their goals because of the governed by organizations’ goal in this era of global competition???Logical connection??? Therefore, it is argued that in this period of rapid technology change, planning for strategic adaptation is not only an important factor in individual success but also for organizational success. This will be analyzed with reference to two key areas: learning from employee communication and keeping up-to-date for IT professionals in periods of technological change.

Planning for strategic adaptation is an important factor in organizational success which leads to an individual success. Individual goals are governed by the leading role of an organization when the process of change happens. In particular, this is in the contemporary business context, competitive ability that leads to success come from organizations, thus individuals who have a participative role are controlled and oriented by organizations. According to Rong and Grover (2009, p376), this view of point can be seen clearly in communication’ field where technological change and planning for the adjustment are particularly important. For instance, in a rapidly changing technological environment, the renewal process is often an intractable challenge for an individual, so maintaining the competitiveness is a competence of the whole organization (Rong & Grover 2009, p376). In addition, individuals when isolate from their organizational...

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