Increasing Technology Erodes Privacy

Topics: Identity theft, Theft, Technology Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: January 30, 2014
What we do during our daily lives is our own business, and it comes to no surprise we all demand privacy. In Deirdre Mulligan’s article, “What Regulators Can Do to Advance Privacy Through Design,” I found it interesting how the author explained opening up to new fields of study, and raising awareness of the importance of privacy. Whether we go on Facebook or Twitter, buy things online through Amazon or EBay, or use our credit and debit cards, we rely on every organization to ensure that our personal information is kept safe and out of the eyes and hands of potential identity thieves, stalkers, and even the government. It’s ironic how the same technology we use every day can also be used against us, such as phones, ATM’s, store pin pads, and cameras. Fortunately, our technological advances are allowing us to feel safer about we put into the technological world, whether it is through social media, banks, company statements, or filled-out forms through online processes. Having privacy is a human right, and even though sometimes people may overreact about leaked information or say it’s pointless for organizations to invest in systems that insure privacy, it gives people the sense of safety, and being able to go about their lives and use technology worry-free.

Leaked, hacked, stolen, and breached information can send a person’s life spiraling toward a very stress-inducing ride. For example, the recent Target breach epidemic, which has affected nearly 70 million people, are now sending people into a flurry of panic because not only are card numbers being stolen, but also e-mails, addresses, phone numbers, names, etc. Because of this unrest, Target is now even offering to pay for a year of free credit monitoring, as well identity theft protection. This isn’t even people overreacting; it’s legitimate and concerning that 70 million people are being affected by criminals stealing their information. Investing in higher security systems would help regain Target’s customers...
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