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Topics: Economics, Macroeconomics, Economy Pages: 9 (1270 words) Published: February 17, 2014

[ECON12003] Indonesian Economy
Odd Semester 2013/2014
Credit: 3
Prerequisite: None


Zahra Kemala Nindita Murad, M.A. [coordinator]
Master in Planning and Public Policy (MPKP)
087883958041 (mobile)
(021)3912007,3925313 (office)

Padang Wicaksono, Ph.D. Surjadi, M.A.
Demographic Institute (LD) Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM)
081584355097 (mobile), 08158846021 (mobile) (021)7872911 (office) (021)3143177 (office)

Nuzul Achjar, Ph.D.
Department of Economics FEUI
0811927140 (mobile)

I Dewa Gede Karma Wisana, M.Sc
Demographic Institute (LD)
081385697973 (mobile), (021) 7872911 (office)

Prof. Lepi T. Tarmidi, Ph.D.
Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM)
(021)3143177 (office)

Subject Description

This is designed to give a comprehensive understanding about Indonesian economy. The topics will be ranged from macroeconomic account, economic transformation, and some specific sectoral issues in Indonesian economy. The student should understand Indonesian economy through the data by exploring the concepts and data of macroeconomic accounts in Indonesia. Economic transformation will give a brief understanding of the process accumulation, allocation, and distribution of Indonesian economy during the Indonesian economic development. Some specific sectoral issues problems and policies will be delivered to give a better understanding on the indonesian economy from multi perspectives.

Subject objectives

The objectives of this class are:
To help the students in understanding Indonesian economy, especially from macroeconomic account data To help the students in understanding the problems of Indonesian economy from the past, current situation, and the future To help the student in understanding the Indonesian economic policy.

In Term of cognitive skills, by studying this subject, the students will improve the ability to explain an argument logically, such as why the current account deficit sometimes does not have to be the problem of the economy to analyse and and synthesize different ideas and theories, such as the international trade transformation could be from the interaction between the accumulation that change the comparative advantage in production and allocation process that increase the share of production of manufactured goods in the economy . to apply theories to the real world, such as student should have capability in using the circular flow to measure GDP in the Indonesia data.

In addition the students will improve: technical skills & analytical skills

Generic Skills to be Developed
Intensity Level

Evaluation of ideas, views, and evidence

Synthesis of ideas, views, and evidence

Strategic thinking


Critical thinking


Application of theory to policy

Assessing of data and other information

Summarize and interpretation of information

Application of office software

Statistical reason


Problem solving skills

Collaborative learning and teamwork

Negotiation and bargaining

Written communication


Oral communication


Case analysis


subject materials


Basri, Faisal dan Munandar, Haris (2009) Lanskap Ekonomi Indonesia: Kajian dan Renungan terhadap Masalah-masalah Struktural, Transformasi Baru, dan Prospek Perekonomian Indonesia, Jakarta: Kencana Prenada Media Group, or Basri (2009) Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Economics and Finance in Indonesia, LPEM-FEUI.

Hera Susanti, M. Ikhsan, Widyanti, Indikator-Indikator Makroekonomi, edisi ke-2, Jakarta:...

References: Hera Susanti, M. Ikhsan, Widyanti, Indikator-Indikator Makroekonomi, edisi ke-2, Jakarta: Lembaga Penerbit FEUI, 2000.
Basri (2009), Harvard (2010)
Chenery (1975), Anwar (1995)
The role of Agriculture and Mining in Indonesia, Problem and Policy in the Agriculture and Mining in Indonesia
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The role of industrial sector and international trade in Indonesia, Anatomy of BOP, Problems and Policy of Industrial sector and International Trade in Indonesia, Multilateral and regional trade agreement, competitiveness
Basri (2009), Harvard (2010)
The role of Services and Trade Sector in Indonesia, Problems and Policy of Services and Trade Sector in Indonesia
Basri (2009), Harvard (2010)
Basri (2009), Harvard (2010)
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