Information Technology

Topics: Technology, Information technology, Information Pages: 4 (1055 words) Published: March 13, 2013

A Term Paper
Presented to
Prof. Arsenia S. Allam
Rizal Technological University

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements
In English 2

Angelica B. Agatep
March 2013

We know that Information systems have progressed from those that could simple replicate or automate the simplest numeric tasks. Information is created so that it can be shared and the expectation may be that any two people reading it would interpret it identically, and hence that meaning would be shared without difficulty. As the information becomes more complex however, it becomes less and less likely that this will be the case and this presents us with one of the key problem of the Information Systems discipline, namely, how to use technology to assist people to share meaning derived from complex information and how to teach people to use the technology optimally. In the 1990s the business environment is highly turbulent and complex, where competitive pressure is increasing with globalization. Topping this off is the dramatic, pervasive and quickly felt implications of the information revolution. In this climate new paradigms are created and with it new opportunities. To capitalize on these opportunities and to handle the complex environment, an organization requires timely and relevant information more than even before. Information has always been the life blood of the organization; it enables an organization to make sense of the world, to resolve ambiguity and to facilitate decision making and coordination. Information is an important source of competitive advantage. Information technology (IT) refers to the means that facilitate the handling of information. It provides the mechanisms to store, retrieve, sort, and analyze the information (data) and to ensure that the information is available to those who need it. My topic focuses on areas such as business, communication and technology which provide students knowledge and skills in...
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