Information Technology on Society

Topics: Social network service, World Wide Web, Sociology Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: November 14, 2013

EN 130.1.1 English Composition II

It is obvious that the Internet since its creation has and will continue to change the way most of us live today. The social impact of the Internet brought with it new concepts of sociology, ways to research and how the knowledge can be applied. The sad thing is it also brought with it the disconnect of one on one human contact in everyday life.

If we take a moment and visit the virtual world we find that physical interaction rarely occurs, yet in cyberspace there are thousands upon thousands of Internet societies. In fact Sociologists analyze how many of these Internet communities intertwine into our everyday life and make a real life effect on our real world society.

The biggest impact the invention of the Internet has created is social inequality amongst individuals. Often times called seclusion from everyday life. Many of us find it hard enough to communicate face to face on a day to day basis without having to compete with a computer and a social website such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Instagram. Our lives have been consumed with all aspects of technology that can access the Internet. In turn this leads every aspect of our lives right straight to the World Wide Web. We do things online such as paying bills, research, booking vacations, buying cars, shopping, getting results from the Dr. and all phone or social contact falls by the wayside. For most people the Internet has consumed almost every daily thing that person does.

For the few who might not have the opportunity to afford a computer or internet they are segregated from society a little further. It is likely that the less educated will be some of the ones that will fall in this category and this will further segregate them from a society that is moving farther into a more technologically savvy era. Technology also segregates the younger and older generations as the older generations refuse to become involved in the socialization network....
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