Instructional Technology

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Instructional Technology on Campus
Bonnie Dixon-Tribou
HSN 548 Role of Health Care/Nursing Educator
January 8, 2011
Jody Sklar

Instructional Technology on Campus
Research has proven that the current student generation prefers digital literacy, empirical learning, interactivity, and immediacy; therefore, increasing technology use is brought into university courses to sustain student participation in the courses (Berry, 2009). Because of this interaction and technology demand, universities must have the latest technological tools for both students and faculty to remain competitive and fill their classrooms with paying students. The University of Maine educational system is an educational system that incorporates many of the newest innovative teaching technologies with the proper guidance and assistance in using them. In this paper I will explore the details of what the university has to offer and the marriage between interaction, technology, students, and faculty within this system. Technology Used in Instructional Delivery

The University of Maine has always kept with the technological advances of the current times. To sustain the modern technological advancement the university uses high quality hi-tech resources in the instruction, scholarship, and research environment. The resources include, networking resources, telecommunications, and computing services. A University of Maine service titled UNET in 1997 formed after the University of Maine System’s Computing and Data Processing Services (CAPS) and distance the systems’ learning technologies and services merged into one system (University of Maine System, 2011). UNET Technology Services provides networking, research, Internet access, and support to instructional and administrative services in all University of Maine system campuses, centers, and sites. Faculty can take advantage of new computing and networking media in their instruction and more students from all regions in the State of Maine can...

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