Integrating Instructional Technology

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Technology Pages: 4 (1037 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Integrating Instructional Technology
The intention of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan is to enhance the use of technology in the classroom to improve the education that students receive in their learning and communicating. The detail found within the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan will describe the ability of the teacher to use technology in an effective manner within the classroom while providing a safe, secure, and educational environment for students to learn. Integrating Instructional Technology

Teachers can use technology within the classroom to assist with providing instructional guidance and education to students. However, the use of technology in the classroom has both its advantages and disadvantages. This is why teachers must prepare for the use of technology to enhance the advantages of technological usage within the classroom while minimizing the disadvantages. The Integrating Instructional Technology portion of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan will detail how technology will enhance instructional time within the classroom. Technology to Facilitate and Enhance Classroom Instruction

As technology advancements have continued, classrooms have been implementing the new technology to benefit the teacher’s ability to facilitate and provide instruction to the classroom. The use of technology provides a diverse tool for educating and communicating within the classroom. As a teacher, the goal of implementing technology instruction is to provide students with the ability to learn and succeed. The information technology’s use within the classroom will encourage students to make decisions and develop professionalism through enhancing their knowledge on information technology and their ability to use the technology. The classroom is full of diverse learners, each with different and unique learning capabilities. The involvement of information technology within the classroom will allow the teacher to create...

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