Integrating Instructional Technology Plan

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Integrating Instructional Technology
In my classroom I will use technology and I do want it to be wireless. In my instructional technology plan I will describe what I will be using the computers and talk about the pros and cons to their use. I will talk about the different uses for computers and how I will use them for my benefit. I will describe the differences between wired and wireless technology and discuss the pros and cons to both.

In my classroom I would use a computer for exploration has its pros by allowing students to explore the internet and to do research. There is so much more information on the computer and the information is more current. When Pluto was delisted as a planet and recognized it as a star we had the current information because of the internet access. Students find it easier to access information which helps students stay engaged in a project. The con for using a computer for exploration is that students may explore beyond the parameters of their project and get distracted. I will use a computer for lesson integration and it has its pros by incorporating the technology into the lessons which helps the students get excited about the subject. There are many subjects like social studies and science that are more engaging with virtual trips and streaming video. The con to using a computer is that it is not always easy to find what you want. This can be very frustrating and cause more time in planning your lessons. I will use a computer with students that have special needs and there are many pros. First, students can go at their own pace and get individual instruction, and handicapped students can use assistive technology. The use of a computer allows students to work at their individual pace and get instruction directly from the instructor. This allows teachers to have more time for other students and it allows teachers to use that time to do more. Students that need assistive technology can get this from using the computer and...
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