International Marketing Strategies of Hyundai in India

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in India”


Sindhu Sharma Bharti


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The automotive industry has been an industry of rapid growth. It has been successful in providing the best styles, comfort, and powerful engines in the motor vehicles thereby satisfied the human life when it comes to transport with comfort. The design and development of the vehicles produced by the automotive industry is simply awesome. Right since the origin of the automotive industry human life has benefitted from it and it is becoming better and better every day. The automobile sector of India is no exception and has seen drastic change in the last decade.Some of the largest and successful automobile companies in India are Maruti Suzuki Udyog, Hyundai India ltd, Honda India ltd, Fiat India ltd, etc. the completion in this market is sky high. Therefore to survive in such a competitive market every company needs to provide better services than the competitor with almost of the same price as of the competitor, which is not an easy job to do. The development of this sector is developing the economy of India as a whole, which is why government of India is allowing the foreign automobile companies to enter into Indian market with not many formalities.

Competing in the Indian automotive industry is not an easy job as the largest portion of the population is middle class which cannot afford the luxurious vehicles. So, a company needs to analyse the Indian automotive market and should consider the segment strategies carefully. Relying just on one segment of vehicles is very risky in Indian automotive sector. Hyundai Motor India ltd is one of the successful automotive companies in India. It has been successful in winning the hearts of Indian customers and maintains its goodwill in the country.

There are many internal and external environment factors which influence the performance of an automotive company. An automobile company should put more focus on the internal factors such as policies, plans or strategies of the company as they can be controlled, on the other hand external factors like government policies, competition, etc cannot be controlled. Hyundai has been able to strengthen its roots in the Indian automobile industry. However it still needs to modify some of its strategies to compete with other big players. 3 | P a g e


This paper is focussed on the Hyundai Motor India ltd which is one the leading automotive companies in India. This research discusses the growth of Hyundai Motor India in last few years. Also in this research Hyundai Motor India has been compared with the other players in the Indian automobile market to see where it stands. This paper shows which areas Hyundai Motor India needs to put more efforts in order to beat its competitors. This research explains different market strategies which Hyundai Motor India could follow or it could modify its current marketing strategies. As the competition is immense and increasing day by day, Hyundai Motor India should follow appropriate marketing strategies to maintain or increase its market share in the Indian automobile industry.

I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Abhijit Sharma for helping me and understanding my problems. He has been the inspiration for me throughout my dissertation work and gave me confidence to do this paper in the best possible way. Also I would like to thank my family and friends for being so supportive and caring. 4 | P a g e


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