Investigating How Businesses Work

Topics: Strategic management, SWOT analysis, Marketing Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Assignment 1
Unit 1: Investigating How Businesses Work
In this task I will be writing about Marks & Spencer as it is an international business and is very popular. Ownership
Company Profile Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer is a super market but it also sells clothing, home stuff and much more. Marks & Spencer are an international business which has 337 stores in 41 territories overseas. They also have 703 stores in the United Kingdom. They sell products to customers which are satisfactory and what the customers would be happy with. They sell food, clothing and home stuff which they hope customers are happy with. Based in Leeds, the M&S Company Archive is a vital business asset which acts to collect, preserve and utilize material relating to all aspect of the history and development of the company. The Company Archive contains a range of materials from the last 128 years including written records, staff publications, photographs and films, garments and household products, design and advertising material. The type of ownership Marks & Spencer is a public limited company. An advantage of being a public limited company is that it is the largest form of ownership and it is available to anyone. This is a benefit as no one would feel like the business is unavailable to them. The disadvantage of being a public limited company is that anyone can buy into your company and with shares they can become a manager. Company Profile of Local Business

This company is a local off lisence which is a local convience store. This company sells things that customers might need late at night when super markets are not open. Aims and Objectives:
Aims and objectives are something a business sets themselves and want to achieve. These are goals to improve their business and make it better for their customers. They are used to help businesses as they improve the business and make it better for customers and possibly staff. We set aims and objectives to better the business and make...
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