Is technology a blessing or a curse in australia

Topics: Technology, Polar ice cap, Automobile Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: October 5, 2013
Good Evening fellow speakers, judges and audience. Tonight I will be speaking about the topic is Technology a blessing or a curse? What is technology, the definition of technology in the Macquarie budget dictionary is the branch knowledge that deals with science and engineering. To me it means anything that helps us to live our lives easier.

Over the past decade, Australia has been advancing with all of its technology. It is said that this decade had the most technological advancements ever. Some examples are phones, television, and computers. Most of the things we have now like tablets and touch phones were a dream for people in the last century. If any of you have watched star trek enterprise, you would see that they used items that seemed like a tablet but wasn’t one. Also technology is a blessing in the educational area. It is because we now have the smart board, which helps the teachers with showing different resources, and it also helps the students because they can learn more about the subject.

Technology is a blessing. The reason I choose this topic to relate to Australia is because Australia is rapidly developing in all areas. But the most is in the technological area. This century is said to be the technological era. Technology is a blessing because without it we would not be able to many things like contacting loved ones who are overseas, watching TV, calling people instantly with telephones and driving to different places in a car etc. Everything we do everyday involves using technology. Imagine the world without technology, no phones, no electricity, no sewage, no clean water and no cars. All these things have or use or need technology.

Another reason it is a blessing is because in schools and workplaces, it is easier for the people to access the information needed for that time. For example for most of the students here would have used technology for there speech. If it were not for technology, we would have to do simple things to us now...
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