Islamic Philosophy

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A Written Report in ED 501-Philosophy of Education
The Concept of Philosophy in Islam

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The Concept of Philosophy in Islam (Islamic Philosophy)
Islamic Philosophy
* Ibn Sina - "Philosophy is the exercise of intellect, enabling man to know Being as it is in itself. It is incumbent upon man to do this by the exercise of his intellect, so that he may ennoble his soul and make it perfect, and may become a rational scientist, and get the capacity of eternal bliss in hereafter." * It is not necessarily concerned with religious issues.

They have the following:
HADITH(the traditional sayings of the Prophet)
SUNNA(the practices of their community)
FIQH(Islamic law, which discusses particular problems concerning how Muslims ought to behave)

* It is not exclusively produced by Muslims.
* Philosophy helps the Muslim to understand the truth using different techniques from those directly provided through Islam * It is the continuous search for Hikma(Wisdom)
Nature and Origin
* Philosophy in its fullest sense began in the third century of hijra(The hijra was in 622 ad; it is the first year according to the Muslim calendar) * The main sources of early Islamic philosophy are the religion of Islam and Greek philosophy. Greek philosophy because most their works on philosophy like logic, medicine mathematics and so forth were translated into Arabic. During the middle ages, both Muslims and Christian philosophers relied upon the Greek Philosophy, their main resources are the works of Aristotle and Plato along with few others. Hikma and Falsafa

* Hikma (wisdom)
-Philosophy as hikma has the advantage of referring to a wide range of conceptual issues within Islam. *...
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