Island of Plenty

Topics: United States, U.S. state, World population Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Island of plenty

Johnson Montgomery refers to the United States as the island of plenty. We must maintain the island of plenty in a sea of deprivation. In other words he feels Americans must protect the United States and not give away their resources to the outside world. There is overpopulation in the world today. Montgomery had written in “Island of Plenty” “It’s not that there children should have never been born. It is simply that we should have mindlessly tried to cram too many of us into too short a time span” (pg 399). He doesn’t believe people shouldn’t have kids just that they cut down on how many they have. Why have four children and struggle to support them and give them a better life when people can have two and be able to give their children the best? I'm not saying that families that are financially stable can’t have more than two children but the ones that cant should limit how many they have. I agree with Montgomery there is overpopulation in this world. The United States has enough food to supply Americans but not enough to feed the whole world. According to Montgomery “We should not take responsibility for all humanity” (399). Why should the United States help those that aren’t taking responsibility for their own actions? If Americans were to give handouts we would risk losing our own resources. I agree the United States needs to first take care of our nation before we can help others. If not then we won’t be left with anything. Montgomery feels there is a lack of necessities in this world and we shouldn’t share them with the outside. Montgomery stated “Naturally we would like to help; and if we could perhaps we should. But we can’t be of any use in the long run-practically if we weaken ourselves” (401). The United States shouldn’t risk wasting our resources on the outside world. By helping other countries we Americans lose out. America is overpopulated with too many people. With overpopulation comes a decrease in food because we need to...
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