Iso Ts 16949

Topics: Automotive industry, Quality assurance, ISO 9000 Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: June 3, 2013

Quality is of great concern in our everyday life. There are various ways in which the quality standards can be improved. Several concepts like Six-Sigma, ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and much more shows the quality of a particular product. These certifications are given to the company on the basis of their standards in any product. Now the ISO/TS 16949 is a quality standard specially assigned to the automobile industry. ISO/TS 16949 is an ISO technical specification which deals with the existing German, French, US and Italian automotive quality standards among the global automotive industry. The global automotive industry clearly demands high standards in their quality. The productive nature has to be world class. The industry must also deal with or carry the process of continuous improvement with respect to quality. ISO/TS 16949 was developed by the International Automotive Task Force which requires quality system requirements from design; installation to the service of automotive related is implemented to improve the quality standards of supplies to the industries. These are specifically applied to the raw materials which are supplied by the suppliers to the automotive industries in order to maintain safety standards and build faith and trust within the business industry. These quality standards are not given to every company who are into automotive business. There are several procedures which are done before certification. After careful inspection about the work area, process and the supply chain, that particular industry in certified with the ISO/TS 16949 standard, this certifies or makes sure that a specific company or the materials supplied by them are efficient and can be trusted to have a contract. This standard is applicable to any organization which deals in automotive supply chain that adds value and also manufactures specific parts to the automotive industry. This is an example to improve the quality standards within the...
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