Issues Facing Today's Organizations

Topics: Technology, Society, Information technology Pages: 4 (1261 words) Published: October 9, 2013

Issues Facing Today’s Organizations
Jessica Kemske
June 3, 2012

Organizations today face many different challenges. Some challenges are based on the nature of operations and some challenges are more common and are faced by most organizations. A couple of the more common challenges would be technological advances and societal views.

In my opinion, technological advances are the biggest issue that organizations face today. If we look back even just ten years ago we have come such a long way with technology. Now someone could just pick up an iPad and have a face to face conference with someone on the other side of the world. Most companies, 20 years ago, didn’t even have websites, nowadays that would be considered appalling. Going back twenty years companies were just developing email. Now just about everyone in an organization must have their own computer or at least have access to one. Twenty plus years ago there was no need for such a large information technology department or computer specialists; now there is a high demand. This demand has required companies to either create or hire an outside entity to provide them with “tech-support.” This requirement costs incredibly large sums of money. Companies have to keep up with modern technology in order to offer services that are compatible with societal needs. One of the technological issues is the lifespan of the equipment. Companies must be able to reinvest and keep up with current technology. This can cause a problem financially because the organization has to support and update all of the technology. A lapse in technological advancement with machinery/equipment can cause a lapse in a company’s position in relation to their competitors and may also lead the demise of said company, but also over extending finances to have a constant flow of new wave technology can cause bankruptcy for the company, all of these issues must be handle with care about what to buy...
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