It's None of My Business, but....

Topics: Motivation, Mind, Psychology Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: April 1, 2013
It’s None of My Business, But… Self-help instructors must instruct self first By Linda Scott
There should be a saying in the financial industry that goes, “Don’t teach me about money unless you have some.”  That should pretty much be the requirement in every industry and area of life if someone wants to teach or to persuade or to motivate someone to do anything.  One must mirror or language what one is representing, i.e., look the part, walk the walk, and talk the talk.  Therefore, before one goes out to save the world in any area of life, one must first save himself. The premise is very simple:  Whatever one wants to teach, one must first lead by example.  Let’s talk about motivation.  A motivational speaker cannot be a depressed person crying on friends shoulders or crying to an audience, and let’s face it, with hidden cameras everywhere; there is always an audience of sorts.  When one leaves home to hear a motivational speaker whether at a convention hall or in a church, one expects to be uplifted, recharged, and set anew with a new attitude.  The question becomes, how does a motivator motivate himself before stepping onto the stage? First, the assessment starts within.  What is it that one needs to do with oneself before one can give advice?  What makes the sell?  One must pick an aspect of one’s life that is sellable.  Make that one successful area of your life your total focus, and hammer on it day and night and all through the day.  Make it the first thing that you think about when you rise and the last thing that you think about before you go to sleep.  Keep it in the forefront of your mind at all times.  Make note cards to yourself and keep it in your consciousness by keeping the cards in your purse and pockets and pulling them out throughout the day recommitting them to memory until what is written on those cards becomes who you are and all you think about.  Use this tactic no matter what the focus is that you have committed to, whether it is weight...
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