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Topics: Person, Philosophy, Psychology Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: January 30, 2014
Karol Wojtyla Concept of Person

Man has been the concern of various philosophical schools of thought and can be said as the center of philosophical inquiry. However, not all of the concerns of philosophy points to defend man in his external and internal dimensions. In this paper, the fundamental concepts of Wojtyla’s Human Person are precisely enumerated for a clear understanding of who a Human Person is. Before all else, as a philosopher Karol Wojtyla is interested in man as a dynamic subject, who is able to fulfill himself by fulfilling acts which correspond to him as a person with regard to their contents and the manner in which they are realized. Thus, we can say that Karol Wojtyla's field of study is philosophical anthropology and ethics.

Wojtyla upholds the importance of personhood and subjectivity in the existence of man. These two properties of man do not constitute the corporeal or physical human structures, but it is an inner character, a mode of existence, a power and ability of man in his mere existence. The subjectivity of man is proper to person. In other words, human subjectivity is properly realized and fulfilled in the person. It presupposes the complementariness of the two separate properties of man, as a person and a subject. Personhood is derived from nature, meaning, it is a primary character of man, while subjectivity, is the capacity that enables man for action, existence and most of all, experience. Human nature is the basis of personhood, while subjectivity has its foundation on the existential manifestation of man as seen in action, experience, and existence. To sum up, the person resides in the innerness of man, while the manifestation of subjectivity is from the internal going to the external realm of the subject, e.g., the performance of an action. Subjectivity is rooted in the person. All actions done by the subject, derives from the person. Moreover, since the personhood resides in the innerness of man – a hidden and...
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