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The New Star in USA auto market----Kia

MBA 4.720 BSCM
Group Assignment
18 MAY, 2013

Prepared for: Dr. John Tan

Group members:
Cui Yu: 20130236
Xu Ying: 20130056
Han Guang: 20130695
Ma xinghua: 20121136

Number of words: 4115

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Executive Summary
In the brief assignment, the whole industry background has been enumerated which help us understand recently Kia in USA market which one with intense competition and vast potential opportunity. More specifically, a sustainable and stable increasing for Kia was based on a series of moves, such as product promotion: Increase fuel efficiency, Make the vehicle lighter, Downsize the engines, and more innovations to meet the new requirement. Researches have been done on the analysis of Kia’s strategy in USA. To obtain sustainable and stable increasing in USA market, Kia has done massive successful strategies setting, reasonable and successful business and operation level strategy such as sport marketing and long period warranty which were reflected on positive sales increasing. Meantime with assistance of massive case reading and analysis Kia’s key concept of strategy, competition landscape have been proposed and determined. Via three methods analysis we have learned and finally understood Kia has a worth of longing and full of crisis future in USA market. For Kia’s future in USA market, maintain the existing competitive advantages such as production quality, customer service and competitive price and gain more government support as the domestic firm are the key concept of recommendation which is in our discussing.

1.0 Introduction4
2.0 USAauto industry background5
2.1 USA auto market sales trend5
2.2 Main auto competitors in the USA market6
3.0 KIA’s action in USA market8
3.1.0 American consumers purchase issue8
3.1.1 Fuel efficiency8
3.1.2 Safety innovation, ergonomics and comfort.10
3.1.3 Environmental friendliness10
3.1.4 Other factors11
3.2.0KIA’s reactions to the market issues11
3.2.1 Increase fuel efficiency----- Fuel efficiency11
3.2.2 Make the vehicle lighter11
3.2.3 Downsize the engines.12
4.0 Strategy analysis of Kia in USA12
4.1 Operation level12
4.2 Business level13
4.3Corporate level15
5.0 Analysis for Kia by different methods15
5.1 SWOT16
5.1 .0 SWOT analysis16
5.1.1 Strengthens16
5.1.2 Weakness16
5.1.3 Opportunities16
5.1.4 Threats17
5.2 PESTEL18
5.2.0 PESTEL analysis18
5.2.1 Political factors18
5.2.2 Social factors18
5.2.3 Environment factors19
5.2.4 Economic factors19
5.2.5 Technological factors19
5.2.6 Legal factors19
5.3 Robustness of strategic capabilities19
5.3.1 Complexity19
5.3.2 Culture and history20
5.3.3 Causal ambiguity20
6.0 Conclusion and recommendation21
7.0 Reference list23

1.0 Introduction
KIA Motors America was incorporated in October 1992 as the sales, marketing and service arm for KIA Motors Corporation in the USA during the 21 years period, Kia developed its market rapidly and achieved great success in USA In 1994, Sephia compacted sedan priced at $8495, sold at four Portland-areas, KIA's official entry into the USA market. In 1995, KIA's second USA model, the Sportage compact SUV is introduced. In 2002, Sedona earns KIA's first five-star crash rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in frontal and side impact crash tests. In 2006, KIA became "Official Automotive Partner of the NBA." In 2006, KIA Motors Corporation announced plans to open its first USA manufacturing plant in West Point, Georgia where production is planned to begin in 2009(Kia motors America, n.a). In 2007, KIA Motors America opened new corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA. In 2009, Soul became the 1st USA designed vehicle launches. In September, KIA launched USA Motorsports Program. In 2012, the sales of KIA in USA were...
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