Kuwait Outbound Tourist

Topics: Kuwait, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: April 1, 2013
This graph shown the number of departures in Kuwait International outbound tourists are the number of departures that people make from their country.The data on outbound tourists refer to the number of departures, not to the number of people traveling, thus the person who makes several trips from a country during a given period is counted each time as a new departure.This graph includes a historical data chart, news and forecasts for International tourism; number of departures in Kuwait.

This graph show the gradually increasing of Kuwait outbound tourists from 1994 until 2008 year. The main reason of the increase of the Kuwait outbound tourists fast growing economy. Kuwait’s economy has been growing at a fast rate in recent years. The small Gulf market has overcome many of the negative implications of the economic downturn thanks to its massive oil reserves and the rising cost of oil, which has contributed to rising GDP in the country.

As a information Kuwait has a GDP (PPP) of US$167.9 billion and a per capita income of US$81,800, making it the 5th richest country in the world, per capita. In 2011, estimated exports stood at US$94.47 billion and imports were around US$22.41 billion.Petroleum, petrochemical products, fertilizers and financial services are major export commodities. Kuwait imports a wide range of products ranging from food products and textiles to machinery. Kuwait's most important trading partners are Japan, United States, India, South Korea, Singapore, China, European Union and Saudi Arabia. Japan is the largest customer of Kuwaiti oil followed by India, Singapore and South Korea. According to the 2008 Index of Economic Freedom, Kuwait has the second-most free economy in the Middle East. In March 2007, Kuwait's foreign exchange reserves stood at US$213 billion. The Kuwait Stock Exchange, which has about 200 firms listed, is the second-largest stock exchange in the Arab world with a total market capitalization of...
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