Kwame Anthony Appiah

Topics: Cosmopolitanism, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Philosophy Pages: 4 (865 words) Published: February 26, 2015
Juan S. Fernandez
Instructor: Dr. Thomas L. Norris
"The Case for contamination"
Kwame Anthony Appiah
The role of religion

Kwame Anthony Appiah, author of "The case for contamination" focuses on three main interrelated issues throw out his essay. Globalization, cultural diversity, and ethical consideration. Religion plays two major roles within this issues, claims made by people in favor of globalization and those against it. Religion can be used positively to protect culture in the idea of globalization, in the same way it can be a double-edge sword when relating to the role it plays in the issues at hand. Religion is a great way for individuals to keep in touch with their traditions as the process of globalization gets larger. Sipho is a very religiouse Zulu man, from the province of South Africa of KwaZulu-Natal. He was raised with strong traditions from his culture, but still has encounter and been affected by globalization in ways such as the television. He was heavily influenced by the soap opera "Days of Our Lives." Sipho explains how the show helped him fix his relationship with his father, but certain aspects of the show like women dating before 20 were still completely unacceptable as it went against his believes and those of his people (Appiah 40).

The role of religion in the process of globalization can also harm the situation. Preservationists fear globalization, and are scared it will negatively impact they're culture. Every single human life is different from one another. We range from sex, religion and different cultural backgrounds, but still were all connected to one another no matter how we look at it, as deep inside were all the same. Whether it be throw media or conversation, were constantly being exposed to new ideas that help us transition better to change. Conversation is an important factor in social growth. We must learn what every individuals definition of living a normal life is before we can open our minds and learn to...

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