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Topics: Specific heat capacity, Heat, Thermodynamics Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Date: 25th November, 2011
Aim: To show that when Hot and Cold water are mixed, heat lost by hot water is equal to heat gained by cold water. Theory: This Lab is done to demonstrate “the Law of Conservation of Energy”, which implies: - “the heat lost by one (1) substance must be equal to the heat gained by another substance within the system”. Apparatus: Two (2) similar Calorimeters: a Thermometer: a Measuring Cylinder: a Bunsen burner: a Tripod: an Asbestos Gauze Cork Mat. Procedure:

* The tripod and Bunsen burner were set up as shown in fig. 1 * Using the measuring cylinder 50gm of water was measured and poured into (1) one calorimeter labeled A, and 100gm was also measured and poured into the other calorimeter labeled B. * The calorimeter containing the 50gm of water was set on the cork mat and its temperature recorded at 23o C. * The other calorimeter containing 100gm of water was placed on the tripod and the Bunsen burner lit. * The thermometer was placed into the calorimeter and the water heated to approximately 73oC. then removed from the heat and stirred until a temperature of 70o C was achieved. * When this temperature was achieved, the water in this calorimeter (B) was poured into the calorimeter containing the “cold water” (A). * They were then mixed and the maximum temperature recorded, with the use of the thermometer. This procedure was repeated but in this instance the water in A was poured into B, the results were recorded in the table following

Results: Table 1
Heat loss by “Hot Water”|
Mass of Hot water| 100gm|
Temperature of hot water| 70o C|
Temperature of Mixture| 39oC|
T| 31o C|
Quantity of Heat Loss| 13020 J|

The Quantity of Heat Loss was calculated using: Q=MST.
Where: M=mass: S=specific heat capacity: T= the change in temperature. Note: the specific heat capacity of water 4.2
Table 2
Heat Gained by ‘Cold Water’|
Mass of Cold Water| 50gm|
Temperature of Cold...
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