Labor and Employment

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Labor and Employment

There are many issues to discuss about Labor and Employment, but some of this is about the Youth Unemployment, Job and Skill Mismatch, Educated Unemployed.

In 2010, half of the 2.9 million unemployed Filipinos were age 15-24. More than half of the unemployed youth are such due to lack of job opportunities, lack of skills and the competition with older ones. This lack of training and skills and incompetence may be due to poor education, which shows that indeed, education must be improved. On the other hand, there’s the job and skill mismatch. Even with the high unemployment rate, there are actually jobs that are not filled because there are no applicants who have the right qualifications. The improvement of education must be well-thought so that it corresponds with what the labor market needs. There must be attention given to the technical and vocational education of labor. The government should cooperate with the private sector for better information regarding the labor demand. From this job mismatch problem also arises the educated unemployed. In 2010, the unemployment rate among the college educated is about 11%. Some are having difficulty in finding appropriate job for the degree they have. Others on the other hand, have higher reservation wages and can afford to wait for better opportunities.

Also considering the declining earnings, people are looking for additional hours of work (underemployed), or going abroad (overseas employment) or choose to be self-employed. This also shows how they are not content with the quality of employment. The self-employed are actually indifferent between the wage employment and self-employment that they decided to be on their own.  This makes them, together with the unpaid family workers, part of the vulnerable employment and its earnings is weak compared to the wage one. On the other hand, they can be overseas Filipino workers. In 2009, it was reported that 1.423 million Filipinos were...
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