Laws Ans Ethics

Topics: Law, Ethics, Justice Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Laws and Ethics are actually two different things. When you say ethics, it is actually rules of conduct, it tells the society on how one should behave and it is the guiding rules when creating laws. It does not have punishment, unlike in the laws. Ethics depends on the person’s conscience and self worth. A person, who knows what is right from wrong, is a person who is ethical. Ethics is also defined as how individuals prefer to interact with one another. Stealing is a good example. Not stealing a wallet that you found in a public place because you know that stealing is bad, is ethical. But if you’re not stealing the wallet because you see a guard/police behind you, this suggests your fear from breaking the law and being punished for it. This is when the laws will come in.

Laws are written rules by the government that is based on ethics. Laws are made to protect and guide the citizens and especially to criminals that are need to be punished. The judiciary, legislature, and the public officials are the main bodies in a government that are assigned to the task of the creation of laws. Laws should be consistent, universal, published, acknowledged and enforced. It should be consistent because there cannot be two different laws since people cannot follow both. It also needs to be universal for everyone to be relevant to it. All of the requirements should be published in written form because it needs to be obeyed and be accepted by everyone. Disobeying a law will lead to punishment.

Unlike in ethics, there are no punishments when you violate it. Everything depends on the person’s conscience. But in law, when you violate something, there is a corresponding punishment for it. Another example is abortion. When a mother wants to abort a child but does not push through with it because she values the life of the baby – it is ethical. Because she knows that killing someone is erroneous. But when a mother wants to abort a child but does not push through it because she...
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