Legal and Ethical Issues

Topics: Ethics, Philosophy, Health care Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: June 16, 2011
In the present world legal and ethical issues have major impact in almost all the professions. It occurs when a professional/organization executes something against the law. Legal issues have a specific law behind them which will result in legal consequences if you don’t obey. It simply goes along the law it concern to anything arising from law or counter legal arguments. Ethical Issues are acts that you fell wrong but not against the law though it’s not illegal. It cannot be charged with anything because there is no law against it. Those acts have no force of law but are of nature affects the society around you or have consequences for the people involved.

In the internet age, e-commerce and e-business professions also have many legal and ethical issues in the internet service and all transaction and operations are controlled and guided by the law and legal rules and if there is a violation of law it is considered as illegal and the offenders are punished by the legal system. Privacy problems, violations of copy right, frauds, publishing offensive and illegal information are some of the main legal and ethical issues found in the profession of e-commerce. This may result in loss of trust about the firm/company or the loss of business.

In health care profession the practitioners have to meet ethical and legal issues as a part of their life which is mainly related to the confidentiality of the medical technologies and the information about the patients. The details and health records of the patients are considered confidential data. Legal acts and methods are implemented to protect the all confidential data about the patients of medical or healthcare profession.

In this culturally diversify world, the view and expectations about the ethics and legal issues of various cultures are different from each other. A legal and ethical issue which is accepted by one culture may be unethical or strictly prohibited...
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