Life of Thomas Nagel

Topics: Philosophy, Ethics, John Rawls Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: May 12, 2008
Through out the life and times of Thomas Nagel, has contributed to a wide spectrum of philosophical topics in ethical theory, moral psychology, applied ethics, and political theory, as well as to metaphysics and epistemology. According to the Platonic Myth, Nagel States “The thing we can do which comes closest to getting outside of ourselves is to form a detached idea of the world that includes us, and includes our possession of that conception as part of what it enables us to understand about ourselves”. When focusing on the Platonic theory, it focuses on obtaining a better sense of self. Nagel believes we can never physically step outside of ourselves. Even though this is impossible, we should try to do so in order to gain an honest assessment of who we are. The closest we will ever come is to stepping outside of ourselves is to mentally detach from the world and attempt objectively to analyze self.

Another Theory in which Nagel addresses is the concept of, “What is it Like to Be a Bat” addresses that consciousness has an essential affect on a subjective character. An organism has a mental conscious if that organism knows it has to become organism. The physical theory of the mind must be accounted for objective methods of reductionistic science, yet account for subjective characters’ experience. Ultimately, the physical mind is unlikely to be contemplated until more thought has been given subjective and objectively.

Nagel also address the concept of “Concealment and Exposure”. When dealing with sex and politics. The public seems to follow the media, which makes them feel entitled to know the most intimate details of the life of any public figure, as if it is a price of fame to expose them. Because of the way life is, Nagel emphasizes that this is a result in real damage to the condition of the public sphere. Many people cannot take that kind of exposure, and many are discredited or tarnished in ways that...
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