love and hate

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bloodcell96 months ago

OK let me get this right.........Michael Keaton's character walks in at the beginning of the movie not giving a shit about the customs and culture of the country his in (Japan) and proceeds to just start talking in English to Japanese people IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, while at the same time being a right racist prick to both the superior and the guy that his telling off (as well as to every Japanese person around him), on top of which he then carries on having a monologue by himself, at what amounts to the main business meeting, to which he interjects a few cultural racist comments about Japan the War yadda yadda........... AM SURPRISED THOSE JAPANESE PEOPLE DIDN'T IMPALE A SAMURAI SWORD UP HIS FUCKING ARSE........ OR AT LEST KICK HIS FUCKING HEAD IN ............please note, am not even Japanese and I take offence to this films blunt racism on their culture, film or no film...........this is insulting and FUCKING don't go to another country without learning their language and culture first, specifically if your going to be conducting real business transactions with them, and more importantly if your wanting something out of them. if your in a country that's not your own then you respect the culture history and language of said county and if you can speak in their home language, well that just shows how respectful you are ............never expected a Ron Howard film to be filled with so much hate, as for those Americans that like this racist shit, well lets be honest, there's really no surprise there, each to their own bigotry........nuff said  Read more (15 lines)

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The Motor Report via Google+11 months ago

Well well well, look what we found on YouTube. Who remembers this classic?

Gung Ho - 'Working Class Man' in Australia - stars Michael Keaton as an executive in the American arm of a battling Japanese carmaker, tasked with returning the brand to profitability.

Also, yes, Jimmy Barnes' song Working Class Man features in this film!

And guess what: it's directed by Ron Howard, the man behind the upcoming Niki Lauda F1 film, Rush.  Read more
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frank lucente4 months ago

classic , one of my fav michael keaton flics, so funny american workers compared to japanese customs...eye opening for sure Reply · 1

Tincho Manolia1 month ago

This movie was filmed at the factory SEVEL (Fiat-Peugeot), Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Reply ·

John Joh6 months ago

love itt
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omdikable1 year ago

this movie is a fun reminiscence about what happened in the 80's when a GM (that is General Motor - smile :) factory was closed following months of constant tension between employee and management whose going to implement a radical change to jack up the productivity. Few months later Toyota offer to take over the factory- probably in a bid to show case their ability to make good car in US soil - to produce yet a GM car (Chevrolet) for GM. Toyota wanted to use new labor...

Retro Carts And More adrumus10 months ago

if you never upload a video again you sure picked the right one..... Infinite stars for the Wizard!!!!!

TheAusieKid9 months ago


garymofoak1 year ago

This isn't the Brisbane indie pop nugget I was looking for.I am ok with this though.

Fadhil Fadhli1 year ago

I think this movie isn't talking who's better between American labor and Japanese labor. they're just DIFFERENT. so, this movie talking about 'the differentiation' not who's better or who's best.

Zenderquai2 years agoin reply to CrocketfromEurope

lol - 'America would be #1 if there wasn't someone better' Love it. Japanese cars started, stopped, went around corners, and solved the problem - American car designers were obsessed with Flair over practicality or function, coupled with REALLY cheap gas, there was no need to develop better, or more efficient. J-cars rule American Pig-iron so...
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