Luxrious Cars Market Analysis in Bangladesh

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1. General Idea on Internship Program

The world today, the latest vehicle technology play an important role in making your business more successful and effective of 100 years, technological advances in the automotive sector is growing and significant development. For the automobile industry car companies in Bangladesh go ahead with the speed of all time is used for all types of vehicles.  Basically; automotive technology refers to technology that is set up in popular models of cars. With the time change and increased competition, the emergence of sophisticated technologies to pave the way for a car more complex and more.

An academic course of the study has a great value when it has practical application in real life situation. So, I need proper application of my knowledge to get some benefit from my theoretical knowledge that makes it more tactful, when I engage myself in such field to make proper use of my theoretical knowledge in my practical life situation. Such all applications are made possible through internship.

Department of Accounting and Finance studies has given the responsibility of interdicting and running the BBA program with view to supply adequate number of fresh graduate having modern education in finance and accounting who are expected to bring a qualitative change in the efficient level of the financial system.

Schedule of Internship:
I was guided by Mr. Saba Karim, Finance and Accounts Officer of the Rancon Motors Limited, ... He gave me duration of internship. This duration is as follows:

|Duration |Department | |02 Feb to 30th April |Finance and Account Department |

1.2 Rationale of The Study
The report is being prepared as a requirement of my internship program and also for fulfillment the BBA program at AIUB. The primary goal of my internship is to implement the theoretical knowledge to the real life scenario with an attachment to any organization. I have been placed to the Rancon Motors Limited.

1.3 Objective of the report

1.3.1 Broad objective

To analysis The future of luxury cars market in Bangladesh: A case study from Rancon Motors Limited

1.3.2 Specific objective

• To analysis the conventional ideas about finance & accounts operation of Rancon Motors Limited. • To have better orientation on finance management activities specially finance policy and practices, financing steps, accounts management, sales classifications and practices of Rancon Motors Limited. • To identify and suggest scopes of improvement in Rancon Motors Limited. • To get an overall idea about the performance of Rancon Motors Limited. • To fulfill the requirement of the internship program under BBA program

1.4 Scope of the report

This study will deal with the finance & account department of Rancon Motors Limited. Where finance managements process is vital issue. Though I have gathered knowledge about the process elaborately but the main constraint of the study is insufficient of information because of busy employees. Success of the study depends on long period but it might not be possible within a short period. Also I carried out such a study for the first time so experience is one of the main factors that constitute the limitation of the study. At the last I try my best to obtain more practical knowledge to overcome the limitation.

1.5 Methodology

To do successfully this internship report I followed the finance and accounting based knowledge which I gathered from my academy. Most of the information and data are collected by face to face interview of Rancon Motors Limited officers and rests are collected from books and documentary papers.

Primary sources of data collection

• Face...

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