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UAE automobile sector has remarked a significant sales growth during the first six months of this year. Auto Industry is turning out to be more and more consistent in UAE these days. Because of this, most of the vehicle legends are shifting their headquarters from well organized automotive markets in developed nations to the emerging markets of developing nations. Since these crucial decisions are taken by the automotive giants, many of the developing countries are making serious efforts to attract them anyhow. UAE vehicle market plays a key role in the wholesale, retail and service sector of vehicles in UAE.

A recent study, conducted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce unveiled that there remarked a peak demand for luxury cars and volume cars, and this will remain strong throughout the nation. Dubai auto industry plays a vital role in endorsing competitiveness in the field. Increasing population, better incomes, urbanization, energy efficiency and low-cost automobiles have lead to the remarkable growth in the Automobile Industry in Dubai. UAE automotive zone caters to the increasing demand of vehicles in Dubai. And is likely to grow as both the population and income of residents continues to upgrade.

Automotive industry in Abu Dhabi has marked up vital recovery from the 2008 global economic downturn. Dubai alone is home to 1.16m registered cars. This means, each and every UAE citizen owns a car. Abu Dhabi lies in the second position with more than 80,000 registered vehicles. Leading car dealers are spreading their wings to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has introduced an auto city, “the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi”, which helps out car rental companies in crafting the ideal destination for vehicle related products and car rental in abu dhabi services. Being home to the ‘auto city’ (Industrial City of Abu Dhabi”), Abu Dhabi is anticipated to changing the face of the entire automobile sector.

Hiring a car is relatively an easy task in UAE, as you can find many used...
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