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DRB-HICOM (Diversified Resources Berhad (DRB) -The Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia (HICOM) is a public limited liability company incorporated in 1980 and listed on the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. The company was headed by Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Khamil bin Jamil as the Group Managing Director which was appointed in 1st March 2006 together with 7 Directors. The number of employees in DRB-HICOM as at 31st March 2012 is 52,000 throughout its 146 subsidiaries (Annual Report, 2012). DRB-HICOM is an investment holding company with the main business investments in the automotive (including defence), services (including banking and postal businesses) and property, asset and construction segments. The DRB-HICOM Group principally operates in Malaysia under the following main industry segments:

1) Automotive

Manufacturing, assembly, vehicles importation, pre-delivery inspection, distribution and sale of motor vehicles, military vehicles, motorcycles and special purpose vehicles including sale of related spares and services.

2) Services

(i) Concession

Providing vehicle inspection( PUSPAKOM Sdn Bhd), solid waste management (Alam Flora Sdn Bhd), airport ground handling business and operations (K.L.Airport Services Sdn Bhd ) and maintenance services of a power plant( Hicom Power Sdn Bhd).

(ii) Banking

Islamic banking and related financial services( Bank Muamalat Berhad).

(iii) Insurance

General and life insurance services (Uni. Asia Life Assurance Berhad and Uni. Asia General Insurance Berhad).

(iv) Postal

Mail, courier and retail (Pos Malaysia Berhad).

(v) Other services

Trading in engineering products (Midea Scott & English Electronics Sdn Bhd) and higher education and vocational training institution (International College of Automotive (ICAM).

3) Property, Asset Management & Construction (PAC)
Producing high quality homes to cater to the needs of the various market segments (Glenmarie Properties Sdn Bhd, Hicom Builders Sdn Bhd) and first class tourist infrastructure (Kenyir Lake Resort). Vision

To be number 1 and excel continuously in all that we do.
To lead in the growth of the nation in the areas of DRB-HICOM core businesses. To carry out this mission successfully, DRB-HICOM has a set of shared values. They are Excellence, Decorum, Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Quality and Transparency. Besides, DRB-HICOM recognise and commit to the needs for businesses to assume greater responsibility and accountability towards the environment, to protect, preserve and minimize the adverse impact of modernisation and development. At DRB-HICOM, the Environmental Management System (EMS) serves as a Group-wide environmental policy. Through the integrated environmental management practices which are embedded in all aspects of the operations, the business remains profitable and operations and services carried out in a responsible and sustainable manner.

This year, 2012, the company’s theme is ‘Sensing Potential, Seizing Opportunities’. The theme reflects what is inherent in their work culture at DRB-HICOM. As Malaysia is fast pacing to emerge as a developed economy, it is important large businesses like DRB-HICOM to realise true potential of markets, innovative products and services. DRB-HICOM is in its growth mode, where every opportunity is deemed a blessing, towards achieving new potential or optimising the current capabilities. The company is continuously exploring new ways to expand, new markets to grow, and new products and services to introduce.

With the takeover of PROTON, DRB-HICOM is set for many activities in the Second 5-Year Plan (FY 2012 – 2016). DRB-HICOM has just completed the internal revamp of reorganization in EON (Edaran Otomobil Nasional) and PESB ( Proton Edar Sdn Bhd) after acquisition of PROTON and is now aligning its business and investments in marketing, sales and servicing (DRB-HICOM, 2012, November 2)....

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