Maalaysian Automobile Exports of Spare Parts to Nigeria

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1.1 Problem or Issue Identified.3
1.2 Importance.3
1.3 Proton’s Logo4
1.4 Proton Parts Organisational Chart.5
2.0 Research Questions.6
3.0 Research Objectives and Framework.6
3.1 Research Model7
4.0 Literature Review:8
5.0 Research Methodology And Design18
5.1 Concept18
5.2 Research Types.19
5.3 Research Design:19
5.4 Data Gathering Method20
6.0 Ethical Consideration20

TOPIC: A study on Malaysian automobile export of spare parts to Nigeria. 1.0 COMPANY OVERVIEW: Proton
The Malaysians considered the automotive industry as one amongst the most important and strategic industries when talking about the manufacturing or industrial sector. The automotive industry in the country alone is hoped to lift the economic development process so that Malaysia can be among the developed nation by year 2020, especially when compared with other industries in the manufacturing sector in the country. As the author investigate that PROTON was a name coined from PERUSAHAAN OTOMOBIL NASIONAL BERHAD. And was incorporated on 7th May, 1983 to manufacture, assemble and sell motor vehicles and related products, in line with accessories, spare parts as well as other components (proton, 2012). PROTON was the best Malaysian automobile car manufacturer since establishment and was the company that produced Malaysia's first car, the Proton SAGA, which was commercially launched on the 9th July, 1985 during the regime of Malaysia’s father of modernisation in person of, Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, who had originally conceived the idea of a Malaysian automobile car (proton, 2012). The company’s main plant was situated in Shah Alam, with an area of 923,900 sq metres, but was originally designed for a capacity of 80,000 units per year. In 1997, capacity increased to 230,000 units per year with the construction of the Medium Volume Factory which is next to the Main Plant. Now the Shah Alam factory is capable of producing not more than 240,000 vehicles a year (proton, 2012). Proton Company which makes Malaysia to be the tactics centre of automobile industry in the area of Southeast Asia. Proton plays a vital role on automobile industry development inception. In this write up, the author will investigate how proton automobile industry came to been and how the automotive industry in question became the cynosure in the African region most especially South African and Nigerian market. As according to market watch (2011), it is only the coming up of integrated automotive industry will reduce the country’s over reliance on the agricultural sector (spare-mart, 2012). The rationale of this research is to study the importance of the Malaysian automobile export of spare parts to Nigerian market which if to be considered by its diversity, consumer preferences, and competitiveness in relation to South Korea automobiles brands and spare parts export market (MIDA, 2009). The spare parts that this research work will focus more into the importation of the Malaysian automotive components and parts primarily within low-tech products like bumpers, steering wheels, wheels exhausts, rims, brake pads, bodies, shock absorbers, engine seat, compressors, radiators etc (protonparts, 2012). Keywords: Malaysian, Spare Parts, Imports-Exports, Nigeria, Consumer Preferences.

(source: protonparts, 2012)
1.1 Problem or Issue Identified.
* Lack of proper background study between the exporting and importing countries. Example, not knowing much about customers as well as the value of currency that required the need of preliminary investigation about the two markets. * Most business collapse was as a result of cost effective which companies over spends together with inflationary rate. * Lack of mutual understanding between country’s...

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