Man Vs. Technology

Topics: Social network service, Technology, Facebook Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Sabrina Belkacemi
Professor Silverman
February 3, 2014
Man Vs. Technology

Some would say the world has changed for the better because of the technological advances. But our lives are more complicated because these possessions take up our time and choke our spirituality. It makes us miss the simple things in life; like having face-to-face conversations and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Technology has changed the way we do everything now; track money, do business and so much more. It has become a huge aspect of our social lives. You see the workforce having to work from home, which is changing the way we live. It brought education to those that don't have the proper schooling as well. When technology was first introduced in the workplace, it was brought to create efficiency. Companies and businesses used different contraptions to speed up the process and make the job easier. I believe the rise of Internet technology has improved the workplace and our daily lives in very many ways. The world business and trade has become easier, reliable and very fast. It’s thrown people into a state of fear that technology will soon replace them and put them all out employment. The classic 1975 film The Desk Set displays the paranoia of substitution when a machine created to make the network’s research department more effective and faster to get information, scares the women into thinking they were going to be unemployed and replaced. The impact of technology has transformed us into the people we said we would never be. For example, social networking websites has taken over old-fashioned communication. Twitter and Facebook have given birth to the new concept of social media marketing. Going outside is not even an option anymore because talking to someone from the comfort of your own home is much easier than actually talking to someone face-to-face. Even mating has become easier. Meeting people online has made the dating world a lot less...
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