Management Information System Week 4

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Management Information System (ISM5026)

1. What is the digital divide?
- The term 'digital divide' describes the fact that the world can be divided into people who do and people who don't have access to - and the capability to use - modern information technology, such as the telephone, television, or the Internet. The digital divide exists between those in cities and those in rural areas. For example, a 1999 study showed that 86% of Internet delivery was to the 20 largest cities. The digital divide also exists between the educated and the uneducated, between economic classes, and, globally, between the more and less industrially developed nations.

It also describes the socioeconomic condition or disparties between the people who have ability to use the digital facilities and people who do not have the ability or educational concern to use it. This divide seperates the world between two form which are rich countries and the poor countries or the cities and the rural areas based on the facilities of digital access to telephone, telivision and specially the internet. 2. How does it affect children?

The digital divide has many affects on the children in today’s society. The affects appear to be having a great impact on the learning of the children who are somewhat disadvantaged or and not so technologically savvy children of today. The school classrooms of today are trying to improvise technology in as many areas as possible to help what is known as the Digital natives. Digital natives are the children who have been brought up around technology and all it has to offer. Children can be affected by the digital divide in manay ways, however In my opinion it can be categorised in two main ways such: 1. Children who has the access to digital world/facilities and affects of it

- The children with the digital facilities will be more advance and faster to the technology.
- They can gain more knowledge of the world than others.
- It will help them even after...
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