Topics: Technology, Enterprise resource planning, Control Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: May 26, 2013
In a period of national industrialization and modernlization, most of VietNamese companies are applying new technology to their manufacturing process to improve and raise the quality of products or services. One of the businesses in VietNam that has successfully applied the information technology to their system is Vinamilk Joint-Stock Company. Due to the turnover and the output, Vinamilk Join-Stock Company is the best milk-maker in VietNam. It has many kinds of products such as milk, yoghurt, ice-cream, cheese, etc…As the company is becoming more and more successful, it is based on the use of the information technology. Following the research, Vinamilk has cooperated with Viettel Telecommunications Corporation to deploy the new software of managing the online selling on Febuary 15th 2012. The features of this software are developed individually in order to meet Vinamilk’s demand. This new management system does not only change the Vinamilk’s present managing software but also integrate with the others existed enterprise managing system, so as to ensure that the system runs understanding thoroughly. Before this contract was signed, Vinamilk Joint-Stock Company was the first unit that had successfully deployed the ERP Oracle EBS and SAP CRM, BI System in VietNam. It brought profits back to the company but there were still some gaps in the system – which made the steps in the process run incoherently. Vinamilk had its own website that was stopped at the limit of advertising the photos and products of the company but could not approach the e-commerce and the online commercial transaction. Another objective fact was about the financial resources of the enterprise. Because of the limited budget, the company was prevented from investing more in the information technology’s applications. So as to solve these problems, Vinamilk has updated the new ERP software coming under a contract with Viettel Telecommunications Corporation. With the new software, all data of...
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