Mazda Corp Overview

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A respectable website states that “There are affordable cars, and then there are cars that offer thrilling performance. Rarely do the two ever converge, but Japanese automaker Mazda has made it a tradition of coming up with vehicles that combine both of these eminently desirable traits” (Mazda Reviews - Mazda Cars). It is not surprising that year 2013 marked yet another milestone in the Mazda Motor Corporation’s success: the company announced and launched a brand new advertising campaign, “Game Changers”. It was the biggest campaign launch in 13 years since the introduction of the “Zoom Zoom” concept. The new campaign featured “sports and historical figures who have ‘changed the game’” (Mazda Turns to 'Game Changers' in Apple-Like Campaign). Its goal was not only to tell the Mazda’s story and highlight its ability to revolutionize concept and designs, but also showcase the ongoing development and to attract younger generation consumers who could potentially become loyal to the brand (Mazda Announces All-New Advertising Campaign, "Game Changers"). The timing selected by the Mazda Motor Corporation’s executives could not be any better since the launch of the campaign coincided with the introduction of the completely redesigned 2014 line-up. The all-new Mazda3 was the real gem of the new collection. The compact sedan was highlighted in various automotive articles and received numerous positive ratings from reputable reviewers. The SKYACTIV technology allowed the car manufacturer to reach perfection of the engine design and production without having a large economy of scale comparing to its peers. The key to the success was the use of “scalable architecture that allows the engines to perform better” (The 2014 Mazda3: Who Knew There Are Machining Centers Involved?, 2013, p.2). The growth in the C-sector, where the Mazda3 fits, is projected to be well over 20% in the next 4-5 years (The 2014 Mazda3: Who Knew There Are Machining Centers Involved?,...
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