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Q. The Chief Executive of Samsung Electronics recently told its employees that “We Must begin anew. Most of Samsung’s flagship businesses and products will Become obsolete within ten years.” This corporate strategy of reinvention would Inevitably involve significant change for employees. Do you think that resistance From employees is likely to be the biggest problem for a business that wants to Reinvent itself? Justify your answer with reference to Samsung Electronics and/or Other organizations that you know.

A. Relevant answers might include the following:
 Employees may be worried about jobs, terms and conditions, impact on skills but change May create opportunities and new challenges.
The problems created by reinvention depend on:
 How the business reinvents itself
 How it is done, eg is it explained, are employees supported, trained and consulted/given Opportunity to participate?
 The long-term relationship between employers and employees  other factors such as the costs involved, the culture of the business, the leadership given  This is likely to be a significant change as the business reinvents itself so this is likely to Be particularly disturbing

 Power of employee groups
 Nature and significance of change for employees
 Costs and possible lack of resources
 quality/experience of management
 Competition – actions/reactions
 Perception of customers.
Good evaluation assesses whether employees are the biggest problem relative to other Factors in the context of major change.
Definition of Technological Environment:-

“Technological Environment means the development in the field of technology which affects business by new inventions of productions and other improvements in techniques to perform the business  work. "

Changes in the technological environment have had some of the most dramatic effects on business. A company may be thoroughly committed to a particular type of technology, and may have made major investments in...
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