Modern Technology and Its Influence to My Life

Topics: Technology, Mobile phone, Luddite Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: November 13, 2010
i think life is impossible without cell phones and laptops! this phrase sounds shocking but reality is reality. some people cant live without modern technology like cell phones. everybody knows what is modern technology. modern technology is a technology created or invented to help us do works and make our life easier. i think we should perfectly understand that modern technology can make our life more convenient and safes a great deal of our time. we become lazy because of modern technologies like cell phones, washing machine, televisions, and others. people used to wash their dirty clothes using hands, but now they just have to put their dirty clothes inti the washing machine and press some buttons. as we know. modern technologies, create dinancial problems ,too. because most of the modern technologies are too expensive to buy. in my opinion, since the industrial revolution. people are becoming more and more depending on modern technologies. we become impatient if it takes more than a few seconds to download a copy of the morning newspaper and we also expect people to answer their phones wherever and whenever we call them. modern technology like cell phones have disadvantages on us (teenagers). for example, we become addicted to our cell phones. it is funny to see how modern technology has made our world easier yet more complex at a same time.before, our lives were measured in years, days, and hours. but now, our lives are measured in minutes and seconds. texting, facebook, twitter and all other social media outlets have us mesmerized. technology affects our mind, work and even lifestyle. actually, technology has many positive aspects but using it the wrong way could be dangerous. technology is a valueable tool, but is somewhat misused by today's society. the main group that has been affected the most by technology these days is teenagers. the two main forms of modern technology affecting us are cell phones and the internet, which have brought major changes to...
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